Banking and Financial

SSN Tech Consulting  helps clients sync the 3 most crucial impacting factors, extremely volatile external market, evolving stringent compliance requirement and its own business strategies.

We focus on development of solutions which help our client improve their edge in the competitive market while restoring profitability.

Our goal is to help banks and financial institutions reorganize their operating models, integrate risk functions, sync all different sources of data and provide a solution which enables insight through analytics.


We have a proven track record in recruitment in this sector. We work with private equity firms who invest in Life sciences sector and are also looking for consultants with experience in strategics or operational improvement experience in Healthcare / Bio science sector.

Improving the health system process so patients can better navigate, provide remote monitoring and diagnostic to limit the patient visits to hospitals, improve hospital process to facilitate better access to medical equipment and medical records for all patients. Our goal is to simplify the process to provide patients a pleasant and satisfying experience.


We deliver a very efficient and effective solutions to retailers which helps them provide seamless customer experience. This involves integration of price, various products, special offers and inventory management.

Retailers today are not only looking at where the customers shop but what they shop, which things they buy together, what days they prefer to shop, whether they prefer online or in-store services, whether they use the in-store kiosk or mobile phone to find the products, etc.  All this is needed without compromising or complicating customer shopping experience.


Our professionals have the experience and know-how of all scales and sectors of manufacturing.

Using technology and our cross industry experience we have developed solutions which help our client stay competitive while improving profitability. We have helped our clients reap the most out of technology to achieve their business goals.

Our strength is in building the in-house resources to understand, analyze and contribute.

Energy and Environment Consulting

The energy industry is one of the oldest, facing challenges like outdated technology, obsolete infrastructure and the demand to explore new opportunities.

Energy companies are facing increased level of regulatory compliance and oversight from local, state, federal or public sector authorities.

 We deliver analysis and solutions which comprise of economic feasibility study, short list development projects and selecting the optimal development strategy.


We help insurance companies with transformation of their business model, their operational strategy with better customer satisfaction.

Insurers are constantly challenged with reduction in operational costs, reduced demand, and loss from unfortunate events.

Technology helps insurers reduce cost, improve customer retention by multi-channel integration, risk management, better fraud detection, better underwriting bench.