IT Assessment Services

What is an IT Assessment?

IT Assessment is a systematic and complete review of company’s current landscape (technology systems and its hosting environment) which results in a written evaluation and recommendation.

IT Assessment is not only just analyzing the technology, but also reviewing the business process which the technology supports.

Benefits of an IT Assessment

Our IT assessments provide a clear picture of your current IT infrastructure and operations. Whether faced with budget shortfalls, limited resources, aging infrastructure or an outdated strategy, our detailed assessment reports provide relevant findings and recommendations to spur meaningful organizational change.

EnFyNet’s proven assessment methodology focuses on identifying opportunities to reduce risk, lower costs, optimize resources, and to eliminate some of the hassles associated with technology, all in line with overall business objectives.

Along with providing a snapshot of the risk level for each assessment area, EnFyNet includes a detailed list of findings and recommendations. The findings provide a detailed account of the environment’s AS-IS state. The recommendations provide an action-oriented roadmap to remediate key issues and reduce risk to your organization.

  • Free initial visit to discuss key details and set meetings with key stake holders of the system or process
  • Free interviews/meetings with key stake holders to understand the business
  • Free macro level proposal to redefine IT Strategy
  • Upon approval of the macro level strategy, complete a full assessment and present a complete blue print for implementation steps. **Fees apply.

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