Looking for ways to improve overall efficiency through new technology, not sure what to choose? Unsure if you are getting the most out of your current system? In spite of hardware upgrades system performance is poor? Stuck with a high maintenance archaic system?

EnFyNet provides extensive IT consulting services that can help you find the right IT strategy to transform your landscape to better serve your business goals, lower operational costs and ensure business continuity.

Our IT consulting services cover all essential areas of your business including IT support, migration, development, customization and implementation.

Our expertise include:

  • ERP Consulting
  • Model-based Software Process Management
  • Customer-centric tailored solutions
  • Application Management Outsourcing IT Transformation Services
  • Cost-based Transformation Services
  • ITIL based Delivery Services
  • Offshore Services
  • Change Management
  • Independent Validation and Verification

Our Technical Capabilities:

Our Team strives to keep itself abreast of the new technological advances and rapidly changing client business processes strategies to produce quantifiable results to the client. Our Team of professionals with cross industry experience and technical agility skills, help you with all the technology, resource and support needed to achieve your Technology goals.

Our consulting solutions will bring about:

  • Noticeable reduction in operational expenditures
  • Greater responsiveness and compliance by effective change management.
  • Improved efficiency
  • Significant revenue and retention benefits


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